We all love a beautiful smile. Our smile makes us feel confident. Even we see a beautiful smile, it makes us happier. Having crooked, discoloured or a gap between the teeth can really impact one’s self-confidence and make one self-conscious. One of the best ways to deal with it and to get your goal smile is by getting porcelain veneers. Dr Adam Chapnik has helped thousands to get the perfect smile that they have always aimed for. His understanding and skill of porcelain veneers are unmatchable. Veneers is a non-invasive procedure that can improve the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth. Before you make a decision about the procedure, you must understand what it entails.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, the dentist will determine whether you are the right candidate for getting veneer placements or not. Not everyone can undergo the placement process. For example, veneers can work well only for a certain level of crookedness of the teeth. The dentist will carry out a thorough dental examination. During the consultation, you will be required to undergo X-rays and impressions. Once that is done, a mock-up is created in which the dentist creates a series of images. This will provide you with an insight into what the results would look like. After this, you can make the call whether you want to undergo the procedure and when.

The Veneer placement procedure

The procedure will begin with the dentist removing a small part of the enamel from each tooth. This helps to create the space which is needed for the porcelain veneer to stick to. The enamel layer which was removed is used to create a putty mould. Once this mould has hardened, it is sent to the lab which enables the creation of the veneer. While it is being created, temporary veneers are prepared and placed in the mouth while waiting for the permanent ones.

After the permanent ones arrive, the dentist will apply an acidic gel to the teeth. This acidic gel works to dissolve any minerals on the teeth, which will further enable the veneers to bond correctly with the teeth. The gel helps in bonding to the rough surfaces. This hardening process can take time. The dentists usually speed it up by using a special kind of light. It only takes a couple of minutes for the porcelain veneers to be strongly and solidly bonded to the teeth.

Recovery Process

Whenever undergoing any kind of dental procedure, we think a lot about what recovery would look like. One of the most attractive parts about the veneer placement is that the recovery process is easy and smooth. There is absolutely no downtime. After the procedure, some patients do feel a slight sensitivity to the cold and hot drinks. This is because of the enamel being removed. However, this can be easily treated. Once the procedure is done, you will have a brand new set of white teeth.