You Must Ask These Questions Before Undergoing Root Canal Treatment

These days the treatment of root canal Cypress TX has become quite a common thing. However, still many patients who undergo this treatment for the first time may feel that it is a very complicated procedure.

Therefore, a patient, who is going to take such treatment must ask few questions to the root canal dentist who is going to perform this procedure. This will also help you to know more about it and get rid of the fear that is present in your mind.

The following are a few questions that you can ask your root canal specialist.

  • What is a root canal?

When the pulp of your tooth will become infected or inflamed then root canal therapy will be recommended for preserving the tooth. Typically, this is called a severe trauma or deep cavity to your face or teeth.

By using this procedure your dentist can preserve an infected tooth after removing your infected tissue and then seal it.

  • Whether this treatment going to be painful?

Often such root canals are associated with extreme pain and discomfort. However, the majority of people experience slight discomfort while the procedure will be carried out.

Although you may feel slightly more discomfort or pain after the procedure is completed.  Your endodontist will prescribe certain mild pain relievers for easing your pain.

  • Whether any sedation will be used before the treatment?

If you feel a little nervous about pain then you can discuss with your root canal specialist to use sedation during the procedure. A few dentists may use a mild dosage for numbing the area while keeping your conscious all throughout the procedure.

If remaining awake during your treatment makes you a little uneasy, then you can ask about different options. They can also use a bit higher dose of anesthesia so that you may sleep throughout the procedure.

  • As for aftercare what I must do?

You must certainly ask about aftercare as improper care can lead to certain oral infection. Remember that minimizing chewing and also avoiding solid foods after the procedure for a few days can help you heal better.

You must also, maintain good oral health and continue to do a regular flossing and brushing routine.

  • How long the procedure will take?

The duration of your treatment will depend on several factors like whether your tooth is infected and needs more treatment. There can also be a few complex issues that may develop during the treatment of the infected tooth and may consume more time.

If your treatment needs several visits, then a temporary filling can be inserted as a seal between your visits.

  • When can I go back to my work?

Usually, after this treatment, most people are quite comfortable going back to their normal routine work just after the day when the procedure is done. However, depending upon your condition, you must ask your dentist to know their opinion.

The answer will be based on your condition and also what kind of medications have been prescribed and the severity of your treatment.