What Causes Elbow Pain in Scottsdale

You use your elbows to throw, swing, lift, and hug. This complex joint allows you to do different movements. However, such complexity can also mean your elbow can sustain different issues, causing elbow pain scottsdale

Your elbow is a joint where the humerus, radius, and ulna bones come together. Every bone has cartilage on its end, helping it slide against each other without issues and absorbing shocks. Ligaments lash the bones into place. Your tendons are what let you move your arms in many ways by connecting bones to muscles. If problems arise in these parts, pain can develop. The following are ways you can experience elbow pain:

One-Time Injuries

Elbow pain can result from any of the following one-time injuries:

  • Dislocated elbow. This injury occurs when your elbow bone shifts out of position. This can happen when you try to catch yourself by putting your hand out during a fall. 
  • Fractured elbow. This develops when a bone in your arm breaks at the elbow. This often occurs with a sudden blow.
  • Strains and sprains. You can sustain a strain when your muscles get torn or stretched. Meanwhile, a sprain is when the ligaments are torn or stretched. 

Wear and Tear Injuries

Elbow injuries can develop eventually while you repeat some actions, putting wear and tear on the elbow. They include:

  • Bursitis. This injury usually results from doing the same motion again and again. Also, it can occur due to an infection or accident. 
  • Tennis or golfer’s elbow. This injury occurs when the tendons around the elbow are damaged because of overuse. It is limited to tennis players or golfers. 
  • Trapped nerves. You can suffer from cubital tunnel syndrome, which causes numbness or burning in your fingers, hands, or arm. Another condition you may sustain is called radial tunnel syndrome. 
  • Stress fractures. This occurs when you have a crack in the arm bones, often from overuse. 

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions or diseases can lead to elbow pain. These include:

  • Arthritis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can impact your elbow and cause pain. 
  • Lupus. This occurs when your healthy body parts such as organs and joints are attacked by your immune system. It usually impacts your feet and hands; however, it can also cause elbow issues. 
  • Lyme disease. This condition can lead to severe issues when not treated early. It can cause joint pain and nervous system issues. 

If you have a dislocated or fractured elbow that tends to hurt, you must go to the ER. Also, you should call your doctor if your elbow pain persists, is accompanied by bruising and swelling, and if you cannot use your elbow.