Signs You Need Deep Dental Cleaning Today!

One of the first signs that you require deep dental cleaning is when you begin feeling self-conscious about bad breath and bleeding gums. Deep dental cleaning is a preventative procedure done to avoid dental conditions like periodontitis. Patients with early signs of periodontitis should visit dental care in Salina, KS before it is too late.

It is noteworthy that deep dental cleaning is not the same as simple teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning is a common procedure and can be done by anyone. However, deep dental cleaning is more complex. 

Routine cleaning vs. deep cleaning 

While routine cleanings are very thorough, they are not the same as deep cleaning procedures. Deep cleaning addresses more complex issues– periodontal or gum disease. The process involves cleaning the gum line and below the gum to remove plaque and tartar collected there. After the cleaning has been done, the roots of the teeth are smoothed out, and the gums are attached back to the teeth. 

Signs you need deep dental cleaning today. 

  • Large and deep pockets along the gumline. 

Large and deep pockets along the gumline that look like they are filled are sure signs of periodontal disease. Self-checking for gum disease is possible with just one simple step. Stand in front of the mirror and pull down your bottom lip. Look at your gum line and determine if they are swollen. Swollen pockets are filled with harmful bacteria, tartar, and plaque. 

Regular brushing and cleaning of teeth can remove the food particles that get stuck in the space between the gum and the teeth. However, improper dental care cause bacteria to collect and pockets start to form. 

  • Bad breath (Halitosis).

Bad breath is one of the biggest and sure signs of gum disease. Temporary bad breath may occur when you have not brushed your teeth in a while. However, if the bad smell is persistent, then the problem might be much bigger. A person with consistent bad breath is at a high risk of periodontal disease. Halitosis does not go away with brushing and flossing and requires professional treatment. 

  • Bleeding gums. 

Gum bleeding is a sure sign of gum disease. If you see blood every time you bite on an apple or brush your teeth, you need to visit your dentist immediately. Bleeding gums can also be a sign of infection in gums. Schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Salina, KS, today.