How Drug Addiction Starts in An Individual’s Life?

An individual who never experienced addiction problem might wonder why would someone get addicted to drugs or alcohol or any other substance. Why someone uses such substances even after knowing that they can affect both their personal life and professional life badly? Many of these issues lack straightforward answers, and those that do have answers are difficult to comprehend.

Most people don’t get addicted to drugs or alcohol to forget their bitter past. In fact, they don’t start to forget their bitter past. What makes them try the drugs or alcohol? In most cases, first-time use occurs without a thorough plan. In general, a party is a huge trigger for people to start misusing drugs on their own. Consider the following scenario.

You may have arrived at a party expecting to be served drink when you saw someone pulling out some white powder from the corner of your eye. Your friends or the people around might be trying it. This slowly draws you towards it. You want to know how it makes you feel when you take it. This is how the first time use actually starts in most cases.

Most people get high with the first-time use of drugs or alcohol. They will feel like dancing, playing etc. They will feel very energetic.

However, when the effect wears off, they will feel low. The next day, if you visit the same place again with your friends, chances are high that you would take the drugs and alcohol. To fight with drug addiction, you must take the help of a rehab center like Arrow Passage Recovery.

When an individual takes drugs, his or her brain produces excess dopamine naturally. Besides, it is this dopamine, which creates intense feelings of pleasure. But once the effects of the drugs wear off, brain will start producing less dopamine, and this results in mental and physical breakdown. You will feel like the entire world is collapsing in front of you.

What are the risk factors involved with addiction?

  • Family history of using drugs.
  • Mental health problems.
  • More access to alcohol or drugs.
  • Stressful Life.

What are the signs of drug addiction?

Overall Appearance

Long-term use of drugs can create a great change in one’s physical appearance. You can observe a sudden weight gain or weight loss. They will also look different from the normal people. They will not be hygiene.

Slurred Speech

Using the drugs for a long time can damage certain nerves in the brain, which are responsible for communication. As a result, the drug addicts may experience slurred speech problem.

Common Indicators

When you visit the room of a drug addict, you may observe the following things.

  • Syringes
  • Cigarettes
  • Lighters
  • Burnt Spoons
  • Razor Blades
  • Pipes
  • Cut-up Straws

The items which a drug addict use mostly depends on the type of drug he or she uses. This means, it is not necessary that all the drug addicts use the above listed items.

If you’ve found a drug addict in your family or friends circle, ensure that you be with them and take them to a rehab center immediately.