Getting Breast Implants in Richmond, VA

Almost every time we open social media, we see influencers getting breast implants. The want and desire for such implants are only seeing a boom these days. These breast implants are artificial devices that plastic surgeons insert into the breasts. They are used to modify the size or form of the breasts or to reconstruct the breast after cancer treatment. They contain silicone gel or saline. For Richmond, VA breast implants, visit the website. 

Who goes for breast implants?

While it is true to some extent that breast implants are a personal option that allows people to pursue their bodily desires, not everyone may be eligible to get them. 

So, what exactly are the eligibility criteria? To be eligible, you must have completed your development, be in excellent health, and have realistic expectations. Many women choose breast implants to expand their breasts after changes such as pregnancy, resolving asymmetry, or following a mastectomy. Implants can also help to confirm gender identity and boost self-esteem.

Is it different from breast augmentation?

It may be quite shocking, but breast implants are fairly common, with approximately 3.5 million in the United States and 35 million globally. While silicone gel is used in 60% of US implants, the terms “breast augmentation” and “breast implants” are frequently used interchangeably.

So, are they the same? Not really. To put it simply, breast augmentation refers to various procedures to increase breast size, whereas breast implants are artificial devices inserted into the breasts and typically filled with saline or silicone gel to support augmentation.

Which type of breast implant is the best?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. According to surgeons, silicone breast implants typically feel more natural than saline breast implants.

That being said, note that both can produce natural results depending on breast size and placement. It is because breast tissue conceals the implants, submuscular implantation feels more natural. Subglandular insertion may feel natural if you have enough breast tissue, but implants may not feel or look natural if you do not have enough covering. Smooth shells seem more natural and move fluidly, whereas textured shells add stability but feel coarser to the touch.

Final thoughts:

In terms of how long your breast implants can last, they can last up to 10 years. But remember that as the years go by, the chance of the breast implant rupturing also increases.