Freeze Your Fat, Not Your Confidence Through CoolSculpting 

Excess fat deposits in unwanted areas in your body can be aesthetically unappealing, causing distress. Most often, a healthy diet and exercise may also not help. CoolSculpting is a popular procedure to overcome such aesthetic concerns. 

Experts for coolsculpting Forest Hills help eliminate stubborn fat safely and permanently. This is a medically supervised procedure that helps you tone areas of unwanted fat deposits.

Understanding CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure to reduce unwanted pockets of fat cells in the body. Being an FDA-approved aesthetic procedure, it is the science of freezing and destroying fat cells to eliminate them from the body. The frozen cells are broken down naturally and flushed out from your body. 

Fat cells are highly sensitive to cold temperatures, more than your skin and supporting structures. CoolSculpting uses an ideal cold temperature that destroys only the fat cells while sparing the healthy cells.

CoolSculpting helps you get rid of fat from:

  • Under your chin
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Love handles 
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen 
  • Upper back
  • Thighs 
  • Back area
  • Buttocks 

Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a safe procedure that offers the following benefits:

  • Non-invasive and painless
  • Does not involve any needles
  • Precise and controlled treatment 
  • Eliminates fat permanently 
  • Quick procedure 
  • Fast recovery 
  • Minimal to no downtime 
  • Minimal risk and complications
  • Boosts self-confidence 

The procedure involved in CoolSculpting

Your doctor will first evaluate the target areas of stubborn fat. A cool gel pad is placed on the target area, and the CoolSculpting applicator is placed over it. The device is turned on, and the treatment begins. 

During the procedure, you are likely to experience a mild sucking sensation followed by gentle pulling and intense cold. The procedure may take around 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the surface area of the target zone. As the temperature drops, you can feel a tingling and stinging sensation, which resolves gradually. After the procedure, your doctor will thoroughly massage the treated areas.

CoolSculpting results 

The fat cells in your body will break down gradually, which gets flushed away as a waste product. You will be able to notice the difference in 3 weeks, while it may take around 2 months for significant results. 

Your body continues to eliminate the treated fat for up to 6 months. You may require one or more treatment sessions to achieve the desired results, depending on the fat you want to eliminate. 

Bottom line 

CoolSculpting is a safe and effective procedure that benefits you since it offers permanent elimination of excess fat. You can flaunt your features with more ease and confidence since it enhances your overall appearance and well-being.