A Comprehensive Guide To DOT Physicals

If you are a professional bus or truck driver, you know the rigorous demands concerning your job. In order to ensure your and the public’s safety, you will most likely need to take DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals. 

McKinney DOT physicals offer a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you are healthy enough to safely fulfill your required job obligations. 

What are DOT physicals?

DOT physicals are physical examinations that help healthcare professionals assess your overall health and well-being. Your doctor will determine if you meet the general guidelines provided by the Department of Transportation in order to safely drive a commercial motor vehicle. 

When you come for your DOT physicals, ensure to carry the following:

  • ID proof with a recent photograph
  • Medical records, if your regular physician is not the one giving you the exam
  • List of all prescription medications taken
  • List of previous vaccinations
  • Any visual or auditory aids like prescription glasses or hearing aids 
  • Most recent lab reports if you have any chronic medical condition like diabetes

What do DOT physicals consist of?

DOT physicals consist of the following procedures:

Detailed health history form

  • Your doctor will review your medical history to record:
    • Presence of any medical condition like diabetes, or hypertension 
    • The list of medications being taken 
    • Lifestyle habits
    • Past history of accidents or surgeries 
    • Any ongoing medical treatment

Physical examination

  • Your doctor will record your vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen levels. 
  • Your eyes, ears, mouth, and reflexes will be assessed. 
  • Your doctor will check for the presence of any lumps or abnormal growths in your body. 


  • You may need certain diagnostic tests and screenings like:
    • Blood analysis
    • Urine analysis
    • Drug and alcohol testing
    • Vision and hearing screening
    • Imaging tests like X-rays

Treatment if required

  • Your doctor can provide any medications or referral to other specialists for any specific health need 

You may require a DOT physical every 2 years, or more often if you have any chronic medical condition. 

Why are DOT physicals required?

DOT physicals are required in order to obtain a commercial driver’s license. It is required for drivers who:

  • Operate motor vehicles carrying more than 15 people
  • Are paid to operate motor vehicles that carry more than 8 people
  • Operate heavy-duty vehicles
  • Transport hazardous materials in the vehicles, requiring a hazard placard


If you are or wish to be a commercial vehicle driver, it is mandatory to have a DOT physical, that is performed by certified medical doctors.

After a thorough evaluation of your medical history and physical examination, your doctor will regard if you are medically fit to get a driver’s license or continue with your job.