What Are the Warning Signs that You Have Poor Hormone Health?

Hormones play a vital role in keeping the functions of the body proper. Many people are unaware of the fact that they can experience several health issues if their hormones are imbalanced.  That’s why it is significant to keep a check on the atlanta hormone health if you want to live in a healthier manner. To do this, you need to report any abnormality in your body to the doctor so that he can suggest blood tests and figure out which medicines should be given to keep them balanced.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

It is strongly recommended to understand your medical condition and bring it to the notice of your healthcare provider in case you encounter any uneasiness. Some of the warning signs of hormonal imbalance are discussed below:

Painful and heavy periods

In females, the common sign of hormonal imbalance is painful and heavy periods. Other symptoms that may accompany this include abdominal pain, cramps, frequent urge to urinate, painful intercourse and constipation. If you are experiencing these issues, you should get in touch with your primary care physician. He can analyze your tests and suggest the best way to balance them back.

Low sexual drive

The major reason for this medical condition is the imbalance in the hormones. It is common in females, who are approaching menopause. In this, levels of testosterone and estrogen are dropped and hence, they have less desire to have sex. It is suggested to contact your doctor and she may give you the supplement to elevate testosterone so that you can enjoy being intimate with your partner.

Poor sleep and insomnia 

Sleep-related issues can be linked with the poor health of hormones. When a female is approaching the age of menopause, her body starts to produce estrogen and progestogen in fewer quantities, which trigger a good night’s sleep. If these hormones are not balanced, the female may get a poor quality of sleep.


It has been noticed that if a female is unable to conceive, the doctor will ask her to undergo tests to detect the levels of her hormones. In most cases, imbalance causes infertility. Moreover, the imbalance of the hormones is the reason why it is not easy to get pregnant when you are approaching menopause.

In case you are experiencing any above-mentioned health problems, you must get in touch with a healthcare provider. Based on the medical condition, he will offer the right treatment.