Teeth whitening procedure at Dentist Office

At Molson Park Dental Office, you can obtain stellar results from a teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening is the removal of stains from teeth and the restoration of their natural colour A dentist performs a one-time whitening operation. In terms of aesthetic procedures, it is one of the most extensively used and well accepted. We now offer improved whitening methods that are safe, effective, and long-lasting thanks to new dental technology.

There are a variety of alternatives accessible to you if you want to improve the appearance of your smile. Our dentist’s clinic can do professional teeth whitening in approximately an hour. To begin, a tooth whitening gel is applied to your teeth, and a specific heating light is directed at your teeth for three 20-minute intervals, with the gel being reapplied between each interval. 

A laser may also be used by certain dentists to speed up or activate the teeth-whitening process. In order to keep the whitening gel in place on your teeth, a barrier is employed to keep your lips, gums, and tongue out of the way. If you want the best results, your dentist will most likely provide you with custom-made bleaching trays to use at home. Those with mild to moderate discolouration are the greatest candidates for teeth whitening. Tooth whitening may not be an option if you have certain forms of discolouration or if you have specific dental or medical issues that make it less likely that the procedure will be successful for you. The most efficient and safest approach to whitening your teeth is to have it done at the dentist’s office. 

Dentists are able to modify the concentration of the bleaching chemical and safeguard the lips and gums with stronger agents. In addition, a dentist is equipped to deal with any complications that may emerge as a result of therapy, such as tooth sensitivity. In just one hour, teeth may be whitened up to ten shades. A trip to the dentist should always be your first port of call when considering teeth whitening options, whether professional or over-the-counter. Dentists are trained to identify any disorders that may be exacerbated by bleaching, and they can tell you whether or not bleaching is safe for you.

Decide how white you want your teeth to be before you begin treatment and discuss with our dentists for the most effective results.