STD Clinic Singapore: What do they ask you at an STD Clinic?

Visiting an STD clinic can be one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing experiences. People who don’t think they “have anything to worry about” can visit one of these clinics as soon as they find out about an upcoming sexual health checkup. 

It’s important to remember that even though STD clinics serve a specific purpose, they’re not there to embarrass or judge you. The goal of any accredited STD clinic in Singapore like The Health Advisory Clinic – Women’s Health | STD/HIV Testing is to help diagnose your condition and provide adequate treatment to you as quickly as possible.

As for what questions doctors ask at an STD clinic, it is important to note that the questions you’ll be asked at an STD clinic will vary depending on the clinic, but there are some common questions that you can expect. For example, you may be asked about your sexual history, including the number of partners you’ve had and the types of sexual activities you’ve engaged in. You may also be asked about any symptoms you’re experiencing.

You may also be tested for various STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and herpes. Some clinics may also provide testing for other infections, such as HPV or Trichomoniasis. If you have any concerns or questions about the testing process, don’t hesitate to ask the clinic staff. They’ll be happy to answer your questions.

When it comes to STD testing, not every STD clinic in Singapore will test for the same STDs. Some clinics may offer testing for any STD that you could be at risk for. Other clinics may only test for specific STDs (for example, if they don’t regularly treat a certain disease). Make sure you ask the staff what tests they offer before you undergo any testing.

You’ll usually receive your test results in a few days to a week. However, if some of the tests take longer than others, it may be more difficult for you and the clinic staffs to know which treatment options are right for your condition. Be sure to ask about the timeframe so that you can plan accordingly.

What Kind of Information Will They Need?

Although the staff at your STD clinic in Singapore will ask you about your sexual history, it is important not to lie. There are several reasons why you should be completely honest when answering their questions, including preventing the spread of STDs. 

Because some STDs can be transferred through oral or anal sex, many clinics routinely screen for oral and anal sex practices. If you do not share this information with the STD clinic staff, they may have to reschedule your appointment to get all of the information they need to diagnose correctly.

The last thing that an STD clinic wants is to give you incorrect treatment because they failed to collect key information about your health. By being upfront and honest about your medical history, you’re ensuring that your condition will be correctly diagnosed and treated.

Be sure to bring any records that you have from the previous testing, such as a recent STD test or an HIV test. If you do not have records of your past tests, the clinic staff may be able to provide them for you after they’ve completed your consultation.

Will you be Able to Get a Test for all Common STDs at the Clinic, or just some of them?

Many people go to their regular doctor’s offices when they want to get tested for STDs because they want discretion and privacy while going through the testing process. Unfortunately, some doctors’ offices only offer STD screening for certain infections. For example, if you’re planning on getting tested for herpes, it is important that you go to an STD clinic that offers herpes screenings.

If you’re planning on getting tested for a specific STD, it is important that your choice for STD clinic in Singapore provides test specifically for that particular infection. Some doctors’ offices may offer testing for multiple STDs, which means they’ll have staff members dedicated to collecting information about your sexual health and determining whether or not you’ve been exposed to any infections.

How long will it take for you to receive Your Test Results after getting tested at the Clinic?

You should receive your test results within three days. The timeline you’ll receive your results depends on what diseases you were tested for and how advanced they are. If you’re being treated with antibiotics, it can take up to seven days after finishing your medication for you to return to the clinic so the doctor can confirm that you no longer have an infection. 

Keep in mind that some STDs don’t respond well to antibiotics, which means the treatment could last several months depending on how severe your condition is before starting. If you have an STD, you’ll be given several pamphlets that include information about your condition. 

If you have any questions, it is important to ask the staff member who gave you your test results for clarification on anything that seems unclear or confusing. They want to make sure that you receive adequate care while giving them accurate information about your medical history.

If you do have an STD, What Kind of Treatment Options Will Be Available to you at the Clinic?

If you receive a positive diagnosis from one of the clinic personnel, you’ll be given information about what kinds of treatments are available for your specific infection and how soon they can begin working. Some medications work faster than others, but in general, treatment time averages around three weeks. Keep in mind that some STDs require more than one treatment course before you can get tested again.

However, if the infection is causing severe health problems such as blindness or infertility, your doctor may recommend hospitalization and treatment with intravenous medication for a certain period of time. If possible, you should try to follow your doctor’s recommendations so that your condition will be resolved in an efficient manner while maintaining complete confidentiality.

The Bottom Line

The questions they ask at an STD clinic can help you get a diagnosis so you can start getting treatment. Each clinic is different because they have their own set of staff members and specialized equipment. You should ask about what kinds of treatments are available if you receive a positive diagnosis from the screening process, but keep in mind that some conditions require additional testing before you can be prescribed medication.

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