Original HCG diet drops – Are worth it?

HCG diets are gaining popularity due to their proven weight loss results. It involves taking HCG drops several times per day while eating just 500 calories. Pregnant women produce human chorionic gonadotropin naturally, a hormone produced by the placenta. HCG levels peak during the first trimester. For weight loss purposes, HCG drops contain a diluted, synthetic form of this hormone extracted from plants or urine. Homeopathic HCG drops use minuscule amounts diluted in water. When paired with a very low-calorie diet, HCG is claimed to enable rapid fat burning. However, evidence is still inconclusive if HCG offers more than just severe calorie restriction. Regardless, oral HCG drops remain extremely popular for losing up to a pound daily when combined with the diet protocol. But with so many options now, which HCG drops are truly best?

Rather than falling for “original” product claims, focus on choosing high-quality homeopathic HCG drops made from pure ingredients free of chemicals, preservatives, and additives. 

  • Contains actual diluted HCG, not just imposter amino acids
  • Manufactured in the USA following homeopathic CGMP standards
  • Transparent listing of all ingredients and HCG levels
  • Requires 3-4 doses daily held under the tongue for rapid absorption
  • Offer a money-back guarantee if dissatisfied with the results
  • Hundreds of positive customer reviews and years in business

With hundreds of HCG brands to choose from, carefully vet companies across all of these factors to find the best value. Price alone does not dictate quality.

Getting diet results from hcg drops

In truth, no particular HCG drop brand will single-handedly produce amazing results. The low-calorie diet component drives weight loss.

To maximize HCG diet success:

  • Follow the 500-calorie diet perfectly without cheating
  • Add in light walking or yoga daily 
  • Drink a full gallon of water for satiety 
  • Take electrolytes and supplements to ease side effects
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep nightly for optimal health

Any high-quality original hcg diet drops in Vancouver combined with diligent dieting and healthy lifestyle behaviors will yield incredible results. Don’t get swayed by ineffective “original” marketing ploys.

Are hcg drops ultimately worth trying?

Despite debatable weight loss benefits beyond extreme calorie restriction, HCG drops remain highly rated by users for yielding rapid results. While not magic bullets, the drops help facilitate and sustain low-calorie dieting when used responsibly. If you’ve struggled to lose weight via traditional diets alone, quality HCG drops used short-term under medical supervision offer that boost you need. Users have succeeded in thousands. When used judiciously alongside calorie restriction under a doctor’s care, HCG is a highly effective tool for losing substantial weight quickly. Focus on your health first and be wary of unfounded “original” claims. When you are diligent and have reasonable expectations, you achieve your dream body.