Nerve Damage and Diabetes: Important Facts to Know

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve injury caused by high blood sugar. Keeping your blood sugar levels as close to your goal range as feasible will help you avoid or reduce progression of diabetes. Following a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to manage high blood sugar levels. For treating diabetes, maintaining your blood sugar levels under control is essential. Maintaining your blood sugar levels under control can help you by preventing health problems in future.

If you have high blood sugar levels for a long period of time, it could result in nerve damage. In fact, high blood pressure can damage your nerves in such a way that they may cease and stop passing the messages to the other parts of the body. Nerve injury could end up in a number of health issues, starting from little numbness to unbearable pain, making it difficult to carry out everyday chorus.

What are the signs of diabetic nerve pain?

Some of the pain symptoms are –

  • Burning Sensation
  • Numbness
  • Blisters or Sores
  • Needles Pain
  • Stabbing Pain

Diabetic nerve pain varies from person to person depending on the extent of nerve damage. Getting a good night’s sleep might be challenging for those who have a sensitivity to touch. Even the bed linens may appear to be thick and unpleasant to lay down. To manage the nerve pain symptoms Irvine, you must contact a reputed podiatrist in your location.

Foot Ulcer Infection

Most diabetic patients worry a lot about their foot ulcers. When it comes to the foot ulcer infection you can prevent further growth by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Regular foot baths are required to prevent the foot ulcer infection.
  • You must also disinfect the skin around the ulcer.
  • Enzyme treatment too helps you by preventing the infection.

Whether it is a foot ulcer or wound, it is necessary to take the treatment immediately. It is a podiatrist whom you must contact for the treatment. Choosing the podiatrist like Dr. Sima Soltani can help you in getting rid of your wounds or ulcers easily. For wound care wound care near Laguna Hills, it is difficult to find a better option than Dr. Sima Soltani.

How to prevent the foot related problems?

  • Ensure that you wear only clean socks daily.
  • Wash your feet every day. Apply a good moisturizer once your feet become dry. This keeps your skin healthy.
  • Pick the right sized shoe. Otherwise, you may experience different kinds of foot related problems.
  • Never walk barefoot in the public areas.

Most people try hundred different things at their home for foot wound. But this can worsen their problem. For example, using bleach on the foot wounds or ulcers can irritate the affected area. It might also cause burning sensation. As all this make you feel uncomfortable, it is important to take your podiatrist’s suggestion before trying anything at your home for your foot related problems.

Speak with an experienced podiatrist right away for diabetic foot care and treatment near Laguna Hills.