Is It Advisable to Use Injections as a Weight Loss Solution?

At Ivím Health, our aim is to help our customers achieve optimal well-being. Embarking on a weight loss journey can be the initial stride towards improving overall well-being, considering the prevalence of overweight and obesity among Americans. With the right weight loss medication, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

At Ivím Health, patients are prescribed either Tirzepatide or Semaglutide for their treatment. Discover more about the potential advantages of using these medications.

Could you please provide information about Tirzepatide and Semaglutide?

GLP-1 agonists, like semaglutide and tirzepatide, have been shown to reduce appetite and increase metabolic rate. Based on research findings, individuals who are prescribed Semaglutide can expect to achieve a weight loss of 15% over a period of 68 weeks. On the other hand, those who opt for Tirzepatide can anticipate a more substantial weight loss of 22.5% over a span of 72 weeks.

What Is the Best Way to Combine Tirzepatide and Semaglutide?

We suggest Tirzepatide and semaglutide as injectables. Administering the medication requires injection into the muscles. When it comes to medication, injections are known for their superior bioavailability, ensuring that the medication is efficiently absorbed into your bloodstream. Our exceptional absorption results in exceptional outcomes. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to properly administer intramuscular injections to yourself in addition to your prescription. Our website also features a detailed instructional video.

The Approach

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Discover whether Tirzepatide and semaglutide are included in your coverage by contacting your insurance provider. You have the option to collect your medication from any pharmacy that is covered by your insurance provider. The authorization process for a prescription may take around a week.

If your insurance policy does not cover the cost of weight loss medication, you may qualify for one of our accessibility programs. The monthly cost for the programs is $415. Enjoy the benefits of your Ivím Health membership by saving on three months’ worth of prescription drugs. You can achieve your weight loss goals and save money by following this approach.

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