How to Care for a Chipped or Broken Tooth?

Having a chipped or broken tooth can lower your confidence significantly. Whether you break a tooth by tripping and falling or by biting the incorrect object, chipped and broken teeth are unpleasant and unattractive. Follow the procedures recommended by your dentist to repair these damaged teeth. You can contact a Plymouth dentist for help.

Evaluate the Damage

The initial step in treating a fractured tooth is a damage assessment. If your tooth or gums are bleeding, delicate pressure must be applied. If you cannot see the injured area, remove surplus blood from the outside of your mouth with a clean, damp cloth. Once the hemorrhaging has ceased, rinse the affected area with warm water to remove debris. Apply a cold compress or ice pack draped in a soft, clean cloth to the affected area to help reduce swelling.

If you are experiencing excessive pain, signs of a concussion, or difficulty halting the bleeding from your injury, you should seek assistance from an urgent care physician.

Procedures for a Chipped Tooth

If you chip, shatter, or crack a tooth, you may not need to visit an urgent care clinic, but you should contact your dentist immediately and rinse your mouth with warm water. You may or may not be able to locate the missing tooth fragment. Wrap the fragment in moist gauze and bring it to the dentist if you can locate it. The severity of a broken tooth varies, so a dental professional will need to determine the precise repair, but your prompt response can make the repairs easier.

What to Do If You Lose a Tooth?

Follow the above triage and first aid procedures if a tooth is knocked out. Some knocked-out (avulsed) teeth may contain the entire tooth, whereas others may be broken off at the root. If possible, carefully replace the tooth in its socket without contacting the tooth’s root. If this is not practicable, it is essential to maintain constant moisture on the tooth. Place the tooth between your jawbone and gum in a glass of milk, or ask your local pharmacist for a “Save a Tooth” kit. As quickly as possible, you should visit the dentist.

You Can Save Your Smile!

If a tooth is chipped, broken, or knocked out, there are ways to restore your smile. First, treat any impending injuries, and then take measures to save the fractured or missing tooth. Remember that keeping teeth hydrated is crucial. Warm your mouth with water to prevent infection, and contact your dentist immediately.