How Effective are Face Lifting Thread Treatments?

We observe multiple physiological changes happening in our bodies with growing age. Indifferences in the skin are among the most evident changes that individuals experience. We browse through multiple professional skin treatment procedures to search for the proper remedy. But little do we know which is the best for us. One of such treatments is the face lifting through tension threads. This is a lot simpler process in comparison to what it sounds like. Let us know more about this treatment.

What is it?

The thread lift or the facial thread treatment is a non-surgical and modern approach to the otherwise traditional face lifting. The treatment is performed to help reposition the saggy tissues on the face. This is usually an absorbable suspension suture made with the prime ingredient of PLLA or Polylactic acid. This treatment helps to reposition the facial tissues, but it also helps to revolutionize them. PLLA is a biostimulator that can effectively stimulate collagen production and initiate skin voluminization. The method acts as a complementary tool against fillers or botulinum toxins. Hence, they are a holistic approach to ensure overall facial rejuvenation.

How is thread-lift compared to facelift?

Thread-lifting is a minimally invasive procedure wherein it is also a non-surgical approach to mid-face skin lifting. However, the process is performed under the influence of local anaesthesia. The methods of surgical lifting involve general anaesthesia or heavy sedation. The downtime of the process is extremely low, for it can be performed directly in the office. There is no such worry of incurring wounds or removing the sutures. One does not even need to put on a local bandage. There is absolutely no virtual risk of scarring after a thread-lift as there is no involvement of incisions.

How is the intervention carried out?

The suture is strategically inserted into the skin areas requiring the treatment. The skin is put under local anaesthesia, and it is made sure that the suture passes into the subdermal plane. The angle must justify a level in the middle of the face and the jaw. There are cones in the suture that act as anchors in the skin. As per the desired contouring plan, the fabrics in the skin are repositioned. The number of threads to be used depends on the professional assessing you.

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