How Abnormal Dental Wear Can Occur in Sterling Heights

Every person’s tooth can suffer from wear and tear because of years of daily use. But some teeth wear occurs because of unnatural causes. Your teeth may sustain lasting damage to their surface because of some preventable reasons. But the good news is that a cosmetic dentist in Sterling Heights has the right solution for this kind of tooth problem. To keep your teeth intact for years to come, ensure you recognize the possible threats to this goal, so you can avoid unnecessary dental wear. Abnormal tooth wear can happen because of the following:

Acid Erosion

A lot of foods and beverages contain acids that can cause enamel erosion. These acids are common in tomato-based products, dried fruits, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, and sour candies. Also, acidic products that contain sugar attract bacteria that produce acid.

In addition, stomach acid can be harmful to your teeth. Your stomach acid moves up to your esophagus and into the mouth if you have gastric reflux problems. As a result, your tooth enamel becomes exposed to this corrosive substance. This can lead to your enamel becoming thin and looking yellow. Also, this can cause sensitivity to cold and heat, as well as an increased risk for tooth decay. 

Bite Misalignment

A misaligned bite can cause damage to your teeth. Normally, your lower and upper jaw sustain a particular amount of pressure whenever they come together, causing wear patterns. Thankfully, your dentist can fix this issue by reshaping your teeth or prescribing dental braces. 


If have bruxism, you may unconsciously or compulsively grind your teeth overnight or clench them during the day. Such a habit can lead to premature tooth wear. Bruxism may happen when you suffer from sleep apnea or when you take some medications like antidepressants. Also, it can occur because of unaddressed bite alignment issues or emotional stress. Apart from enamel wear, bruxism can result in sore jaws, facial pain, and headaches. 

Toothbrush Abrasion

Toothbrushing is an important part of your dental wellness. But brushing your teeth too hard, particularly when you use the wrong brushing motion or a brush with hard bristles, can result in enamel abrasion. This issue can be aggravated when you use abrasive toothpaste. 

Additionally, your tooth enamel can be damaged when you brush your teeth right after you consume something acidic. Your brushing motion can expose your enamel to the acid, worsening erosion. Your mouth must be rinsed with water first. Brush your teeth an hour after you ingest acidic substances.