Eat Right for a Healthy Mouth and a Beautiful Smile

Your body is a complex machine. The foods you eat and the frequency of your meals can affect your general health, and the health of your teeth and gums, too.  It is crucial to take note of your child’s diet to keep dental problems at bay. 

A good diet provides the child with many nutrients that are essential for healthy teeth and gums, strong bones, and protection against certain illnesses. 

dental care in Salina, KS guides you to shape the future of your child through a healthy, and well-balanced diet. 

You are what you eat, and it is true for your teeth and gums. 

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent childhood diseases that occurs when plaque accumulates on the tooth surface when it comes in contact with sugar in the mouth. The acids secreted attack the mineral content of the teeth. 

The food that you eat plays a major role in contributing to tooth decay. The sugar content present in the foods determines the risk level of developing caries. Common sources of sugar include sodas, candy, cookies, and pastries. 

Altering your child’s diet is crucial 

For healthy teeth and gums, reconsider the diet you and your child follow. It is important to inculcate good and healthy eating habits that should enhance the quality of oral and physical health. 

Unhealthy childhood eating habits not only harm your teeth and gums but can also predispose them to several health issues (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) when they grow into adults. 

Regular dental visits are essential since your dentist will be able to offer advice and dietary counseling for both parents and children. 

Dentists also recommend fluoride supplements to protect tooth enamel, especially if you live in an area where fluoride is not added to community water. 

Foods impacting your child’s oral and physical health and wellness

The following tips can help parents imbibe positive and healthy eating habits in their children. 

  • It is essential for your child to eat a balanced diet that must include fresh fruits and vegetables, and small portions of carbohydrates and starch. However, ensure that carbohydrates and starch are eaten as a meal since they are readily broken down into sugar. 
  • Avoid continuous snacking since this may cause the sugars to constantly attach themselves to teeth, and the enamel is constantly under attack. 
  • Parents must opt for faster snacks for the kids (avoid candies or mints that remain for a long time in the mouth). 
  • Make sure parents provide plenty of water at mealtimes so that the sugary food particles are easily rinsed off the teeth.

A lack of healthy nutrients in your diet can make it more difficult for the tissues in your mouth to resist infection. This dramatically impacts the health of your teeth and gums. If left untreated, gum disease can worsen and can be a major cause of tooth loss in adults.