Delta 8 THC Dabbing Guide

When it comes to cannabinoids, Delta-8 THC is valuable and rare. Due to its accidental presence in small amounts of cannabis, breeders have overlooked it. Concentrates can be smoked or ingested orally; however, vaporization is the most popular method of consuming cannabis in this form. 

What Do You Need to Take a Dab?

Every day, the methods are improving. We’re going to simplify the process and make it as easy as possible. Let’s start by listing the essentials you will need for dubbing.

Step 1

To start dubbing, you will need cannabis concentrate. It is a good idea to get your dabs from a trusted dispensary with knowledgeable budtenders. Ask your budtender any questions you may have to help you achieve your desired effects, regardless of your budget. 

Step 2

Now it’s time to prepare your dab rig. Safety concerns include the quality and stability of the dab rig. It’s important to use a high-quality rig when dabbing, as they will need to withstand heat and frequent use. Crystal is the best choice as it can withstand extreme and consistent heat. For beginners, electric dab rigs are perfect for many reasons. 

Step 3

This method can also be used to clean the nail/banger that has turned black due to residual build-up. Remember to allow the nail/banger to cool to a lower temperature before you add the concentrate. Burning cannabis oil at high temperatures can be toxic and dangerous to the lungs. 

Step 4

Inhale the concentrate slowly while keeping the carb cap on the nail/banger firmly in place. This will allow the smoke to be trapped and heat the concentrate. To fully inhale and remove all vapor from your lungs, breathe in slowly.

This article is written by a THC specialist at Tiki Mike’s THC. Tiki Mike’s THC was founded in 2021 in response to the market demand for safe, legal, high-quality THC products. Our mission is to provide THC products that are the highest level of purity and potency. Our products include gummies, vapes, soft gels, pre-rolled smokes, and Delta 8 Hemp Flower. Each of our products is lab tested.