Keeping your lungs safe in winters

Winters are upon us, and while it has some of us excited due to the holidays, the hot chocolate session by the fireplace and making the snowman –or woman–, others are fretting about it due to their health. 

Alongside the good, winters also bring plenty of health issues, especially for those suffering from lung problems. 

The chilly air, when breathed in, can be too much for the lungs to bear. It can then lead to breathing problems. 

Winters also take a toll on the lungs due to the rising rate of ailments like cold, flu, pneumonia, and bronchitis. People suffering from these ailments must follow the instructions given by their Pulmonologist in Lahore

Keeping your lungs safe 

Considering the possible damage that can be done to the lungs in winters, everyone should take steps to save their lungs. 

Following are some of the helpful tips:

Avoid the cold 

It is helpful to be extra cautious when it comes to stave off your chances of catching a cold. Maintain social distance. If someone in your family is sneezing or displaying other signs of cold, maintain your distance from them. 

If you feel you are getting sick, preempt the flu symptoms and take steps to fortify your body. Start gargling, drink plenty of warm fluids, get sufficient rest, and consult your doctor. 

Breathing through your nose 

During winters, when outside, make conscious efforts as breathing through your nose. The route from the nose to the lungs is slightly longer, so the air gets more time to become warm. Moreover, nose itself also serves to make the air warmer. 

Exercise indoors 

If you are in the habit of exercising outdoors, you need to change yourself to save your lungs. Take up exercising indoors. Exercise already takes a toll on the lungs, with the increased heart and breathing rate, if you throw cold air into the mix, you are making things too hard on yourself. 


Take a good diet to fortify yourself for the harsh weather. Try to drink broths and soups that are packed with nutrient, and since are hot to drink, also offer warmth.


Make sure that your heating is sorted before winter hits. However, if you are using gas heaters or a fireplace, make sure there is plenty of ventilation; carbon monoxide poisoning should be taken seriously!

Flu shot 

Flu is not to be made lightly of. Since it becomes more problematic during winters, it is pertinent that you timely consult your doctor for getting a flu shot well within time. 

Limit outdoor exposure 

It is pertinent that you avoid venturing outside unnecessarily. While it does not mean you give yourself cabin fever but try to minimize exposure. 

Moreover, always make it a point to check the weather before going outside. If the temperature is bound to drop, or rain or snow is expected, you should not venture outside then. 

Loop a scarf 

You must take any and every step to minimize breathing in cold air. One way to protect yourself against the onslaught of chilly air is by looping a scarf around your nose and mouth, so the air gets slightly better when you breathe it in, and there is a barrier between the cold air and yourself. 

Keep medication handy

It is pertinent that you keep your medication handy, especially those medicines that are not part of your daily routine, and required only when in emergencies, like your inhaler. You never know when you suffer from an asthma attack, and if your medication is not handy, your health deteriorates. 

Moreover, due to the danger of snowstorms and unpredictable weather conditions, making a quick grab from the pharmacy might also not be possible for you. Therefore, make sure to keep your medicine handy, and time has your prescription readied by your Pulmonologist in Islamabad