Demystifying Mammograms: What Every Woman Should Know

Mammograms are an essential tool in screening, especially during breast cancer. It helps you to detect the early signs of disease in women. They are specialized x-ray examinations designed to detect abnormalities in the breast tissue, especially those that showcase the presence of breast cancer. 

This imaging technique is crucial to breast cancer screening and early detection efforts. This article will discuss everything about mammograms and 3D screening mammograms. So, stay tuned with us and let us understand its importance in detecting breast cancer among women. 

What is a Mammogram? 

A mammogram is a low-dose X-ray image of the breast that helps to detect the irregularities in breast tissue. Radiologists examine these images to identify the signs of breast cancer, such as abnormal masses, calcifications, or any other changes in the breast tissue. It helps detect any tumor, cyst, or anything we cannot feel or understand directly. It is a vital tool in detecting breast cancer at the early stages. 

Why are Mammograms Important? 

  • Mammograms are essential in detecting breast cancer at early stages. If there is early detection, it helps in conducting early and successful treatment that saves the women’s lives. 
  • This screening is essential for asymptomatic women to detect cancers where there is no sign or symptoms. This is because breast cancer at the early stages does not show any symptoms. 
  • It also helps to monitor breast health through regular screenings. 
  • Mammograms also help to detect the Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS). It is a non-invasive condition where abnormal cells are found in the lining of the breast duct. 
  • It helps to guide further tests if there is anything serious in the reports. 

What are the Types of Mammograms? 

  • Screening Mammograms: It is a routine examination for asymptomatic individuals to detect breast cancer in its early stages. 
  • Diagnostic Mammograms: This screening is conducted when there are signs or symptoms of breast issues. 

How is a Mammogram Performed? 

A mammogram is performed using a particular X-ray machine specifically designed for breast imaging. In this procedure, the breast will be compression between two plates to spread out the tissue. This will provide a clear image and minimize radiation exposure. 

Later, the X-rays are passed through the breast, and the resulting images are captured digitally. 

What is Digital Mammography and 3D-Mammography? 

  • Digital mammography provides images that are captured digitally, allowing for more accessible storage and manipulation. 
  • On the other hand, 3D mammography captures multiple images from different angles to provide a more detailed view. It reduces the chance of false positives. 

Regular mammograms are essential for proactive breast health and early detection of cancer. Therefore, women must work closely with healthcare providers and stay updated about their health. By prioritizing your health, you can avoid significant setbacks at later stages.